Investing in the emerging cannabis industry worldwide


Opportunity knows no borders.  We invest in the most attractive and defensible points in the value chain of global cannabis.  North America and Europe are the leading consumer markets for medical cannabis.  Equatorial low-cost cultivation.  Research and technology in Israel.  We invest where the opportunity is greatest, where the risk is balanced, and where the outcomes for value creation are most favorable.



Branded Product

identity and relationship with the consumer

The push model of today will be the pull model tomorrow.  Consumer and patient connection will guide future shelf space decisions.


Distribution and Commerce

supply chain control

Own the channels, own the market.  Defensible distribution plays will dictate commerce and controls.


Low-Cost Cultivation

economic advantage in a commodity market

As the market bifurcates, high price point curated sun-grown small batch craft grows, indoor premium flower, and industrial greenhouse pharma API will be complimented by low-cost, high-quality mass volume open air grows. Cannabis at volume will follow coffee and sugar with Fair Trade equatorial cultivation and scalable global trading.


Ancillary and Tech

Innovation and vision

Research and development will change the industry.  Plant breeding and genetic discovery programs will herald in new strains of specific cannabinoid expression, and non-cultivation ancillary services will support and enhance the future marketplace.


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